RD RD6006 RD6006W USB WiFi DC DC Voltage current Step-down bench

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Brand Name: RD
Origin: CN(Origin)
AC Voltage: no
Display Type: Digital Display
DC Voltage: 0-60.00V
AC Current: no
Measuring Resistance Range: no
Certification: CE
Certification: FCC
DC Current: 0-6.000A
Measuring Capacitance Range: no
Operating Mode: digital control
Model Number: RD6006/RD6006W
Is Smart Device: Yes
Measuring Inductance Range: no
Dimensions: 167*81*65
Operating Temperature: - 10- 40 ℃
Input Voltage Range: 6-70V
Output Voltage Range: 0-60V
Output Current Range: DC 0-6A






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RD Series


Technical Parameter

Model: RD6006/RD6006-W

Input voltage range: 6-70.00V

Output voltage range: 0-60.00V

Output current range: 0-6.000A

Output power range: 0-360W

Input voltage measurement resolution: 0.01V

Output voltagesetting measurement resolution: 0.01V

Output current setting measurement resolution: 0.001A

Battery voltage measurement resolution: 0.01V

Input voltage measurement accuracy: ±(1%+5 digits)

Output voltage accuracy between setting and measurement: ±(0.3%+3 digits)

Output currentaccuracybetween setting and measurement:±(0.5%+5 digits)

Battery voltage measurement accuracy: ±(0.5%+3 digits)

Automatic cut off current valuewhen charging:10mA

Output ripple typical:100mV VPP

Working temperature range: -10℃~40℃

External sensor Temperature detection range:-10℃~100℃/0℉~200℉

External sensor Temperature detection accuracy:±3℃/±6℉

Constant voltage moderesponse time: 2ms(0.1A-5A Load)

Constant voltage mode load regulation: ±(0.1%+2 digits)

Constant current mode load regulation: ±(0.1%+3 digits)

Capacity measurement range: 0-9999.99Ah

Energy measurement range: 0-9999.99Wh

Capacity and energy statistical error: ±2%

Buck working mode: Voltage drop >1V and >10%

Over temperature protection: System temperature>80℃

Screen brightness setting: 0-5(6 level in total)

Screen: 2.4inch color HD display

Cooling fan start condition:Output voltage>40V or Output current>4A

or System temperature>45℃

Cooling fan shut down condition:Output voltage<40V and Output current<3.9A

and System temperature<45℃

Weight(with package):About 0.58kg

Product dimension: 167*81*65mm


All RD6006/RD6006W instruction and case installation instruction APP and PC software download Link :

A: Main download llink :https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17V-JWHvqMF-NuWSznEiJ4RKrnn_Pkt5v?usp=sharing

B: Mediafire:http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ssjf3s35ev68v/RD6006

2,APP Download:

Android APP: download at file link:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17V-JWHvqMF-NuWSznEiJ4RKrnn_Pkt5v?usp=sharing

,Support android 8.0 and above phone

Android Google Play download:Search "RdPower" or "RuiDeng" to download , support Android 8.0 and above phone

IOS download :Search "RdPower" to download , support IOS10 and above phone

3, Case Assembly:

RD6006 and S400 case assembly instruction :


RD6006 and S400 case assembly video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QxfppCdnmw

RD6006 and S12D case assembly instruction(you can only put RD6006, there is not spaceto put otherthings):


1,Instruction video:

a.section Charging Function Introduction:https://youtu.be/irTbqfqtgU0

b.section Voltage and Output Current Setting:https://youtu.be/S6Kan66dNsk

c.section Group Quick Storage and Call out:https://youtu.be/eo5saPjOGpo

d.section lock and unlock:https://youtu.be/zxpmasJyQ6Y

e.section Setting:https://youtu.be/Q9d3rIgIrOc

f.section Page Style Setting:https://youtu.be/f51VDiY2VHE

g:section Data Setting:https://youtu.be/i1kTeurS13I

h:section Information:https://youtu.be/Um4NQObeeJE

i:section 2.1.2IOS APP Download, Installation and Connection:https://youtu.be/nH2HYwop0TE

j:section 2.4.2IOS APP Operation:https://youtu.be/lXSw1CM9IY8

k:section 3.1.1/ APP Download, Installation and Connection:https://youtu.be/QwyBEUCnp9c

l:section APP Operation:https://youtu.be/hqrF4keTfbE

m:section 4.1/4.3.1PC Software Download and basic operation:https://youtu.be/mjt1RMaah1Y

o:section 4.3.2Firmware Upgrade:https://youtu.be/NOoLfDw0DiY

p:section 4.3.3Calibration:https://youtu.be/c9sn1wY2mjE

q:section 4.3.4Logo Update:https://youtu.be/vuVhBsohWts

r: RD6006 wifi connection Problem and solution:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sTtc1kweJM

2,PSU Notification

If you order the PSU, after getting the PSU, please use multimeter to check if the real output voltage is stable and fits the rated voltage, to see if it is damaged on the way, if the output is abnormal, please contact us, do not connect it to RD power supply to avoid more loss

3,Assembly Notification

You can only connect the cables with a foundation in electronic and electrical engineering and it must be reliably grounded!

4,Correct Installation

5, Actual Test Video



1. Q: What is the differences between RD6006 and RD6006-W?

A: RD6006-W has WIFI board , RD6006 doesn't have. RD6006-W can use WIFI board to connect APP, also use USB micro cable to connect PC software . RD6006 doesn't have WIFI board, only support PC software by connecting with USB micro cable, no support APP.

2. Q: What can I get in this link?

A: the option title and pictures shows what you can get, please check and make the order.

3. Q: What does S400 case contains?

A: For S400 case, it is just case, not containing any power supply, it contains the internal cables and screws, it is suitable for RD6006/RD6006W and AC-DC 400W switching power supply, you can buy them separately to assemble then together.

4. Q: Why the product I get is a bit different with the picture?

A: We keep updating the product hardware and software to make the device better, so the internal material details may be different, but it does not affect you to use the functions.

5. Q: why does the instruction not come with the product?

A: Because the products keep updating, we will add some function with the firmware and hardware update, so you can download the instruction online.

6. Q: the case I receive is a bit deformed?

A: For the case, during the shipping,maybe the case side will be a little deformed (just like picture ), you can use your hand to adjust, that's OK, if you mind this , please stop buying.

7. Q: the PSU I receive have some scratches?

A: There may be scratches on the surface but it doesn't affect the product performance, please do not be over picky, and if you do mind this, please do not buy this product

8. Q: the warranty label is broken, do I still get the warranty?

A: Due to express delivery, some power supply warranty labels may be damaged, which does not affect product warranty!

9.Q: How do I choose the PSU?

A:Friendly reminder, If you do not order the whole set, the device can only be powered with DC input, no AC input. You need to use switching power supply for AC input, and it must be grounded, otherwise there is a risk of leakage.

AA: Recommend PSU

It is recommended to use our custom PSU or famous brand PSU!

BB: Not recommended PSU

If you use AC-DC converter or transformer to power on RD power supply, you must add rectifier and filter, DC output voltage without load should be lower than 65V,power grid voltage fluctuation will cause the high output voltage and burn the device!

CC. Banned PSU

Forbid using electric bike charger, second-hand power supply, modified power supply, especially the PSU that claims to be suitable for RD power supply but we have not recommended ......These devices output are extremely unstable and may output high voltages and burn your load!

(bad PSU will have peak over-voltage)

11.Q: Can I use it to power on inductive load?

A: If you connect inductive load (such as motor), the max working voltage and current is 1/3 of full range. don't exceed it.

12. Q:why there is a fuse in the box? Should I install it?