UNI-T UTi260B Heavy Duty Thermal Camera, your first choose

UTi260B is a featured product of UNI-T heavy duty series thermal cameras. It is cost effective and with a wide temperature range: -20℃~550℃. It has higher IR resolution: 256×192 pixels than other models, and includes 7 color palettes and four display modes: thermal, visual image, fusion, and picture in picture.  It is also user friendly and rugged enough to pass IP65 and 2m drop test.

Applications of UTi260B

PCBA inspection, motor inspection, automotive maintenance, solar panel inspection, power distribution cabinet inspection, electricity facilities inspection, mechanical equipment inspection, heating equipment inspection, building&HVAC inspection etc.

Solar panel Inspection

Automotive Maintenance

HVAC inspection

Motor Inspection

PCBA Inspection

Features :

  • Durable and user-friendly
  • 8” TFT display screen (320×240 Pixels)
  • IR resolution: 256×192
  • Temperature measurement range: -20℃ to 550℃ / -4℉ to 1022 ℉
  • Auto alarm for high/low temperature
  • Auto tracking for hot spot/cold spot
  • On screen analyzer: Point 3
  • Image capture
  • Image modess: Thermal,Visual image,Fusion,PIP
  • Digital camera resolution: 640×480
  • Color palettes: 7(White hot, Black hot, Red hot Ironbow, Lava, Rainbow, Rainbow HC)
  • LED flashlight
  • PC software analysis and real-time image projection)
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 1/4”Tripod Mounting Hole
  • IP65
  • 2m drop proof
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